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2024 Chengdu International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition

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2024 Chengdu International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition

         Chengdu International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition (CDPVP) is the highest quality pump, valve and pipeline exhibition in the western region. Focusing on the western market and focusing on the precise matching of professional visitors and exhibitors, the scale and influence of the exhibition have increased year by year, aiming to provide an efficient business communication platform for relevant professionals from all parties in the industry chain. With the addition of Italian international brand resources, management resources and customer resources, it will be fully upgraded in terms of brand, lineup, model, exhibit layout, etc., and will break through the constraints of regional exhibitions and quickly move towards internationalization.

2024 Chengdu International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition

        The last Chengdu International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition CDPVP had a total area of 22,000 square meters, 400 exhibitors, and 23,000 exhibitors. Separated into international and local pavilions, pumps, valves, pipeline fittings, automation control and other special topics, Chengdu International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition CDPVP is an indispensable communication platform for domestic and foreign companies to enter the central and western markets.

       2024 Chengdu International Pump, Valve and Pipeline Exhibition-Scope of Exhibits

        Pumps: clean water pumps, sewage pumps, chemical pumps, sanitary pumps, metering pumps, fire pumps, agricultural pumps, household pumps, other industrial pumps, special pumps.

        Valves: general valves, instrument valves, industrial valves, sanitary valves, solenoid valves/starting components, others

Pump and valve supporting equipment: CNC/testing equipment, mechanical seals, soft seals, valves, bearings/couplings, castings/forgings, flanges, others

        Intelligent water supply equipment: complete sets of equipment, vertical centrifugal pumps, steady flow tanks, frequency converters, control cabinets, computer software control, water tanks, others

        Actuator: pneumatic actuator, electric actuator

        Pipes/pipe fittings: industrial plastic pipes, industrial metal pipes, municipal water supply pipes, municipal drainage pipes, building water supply and drainage pipes, elbows/tee, four-way, plumbing tools, others

        Comprehensive fluid process category: fans, compressors, flow meters, vacuum equipment, pressure vessels, heat exchange equipment, filtration equipment, separation equipment, instrumentation, pneumatic components, sensors, transmitters, actuators, joints, sealing materials, fluids Conveying equipment and storage systems, fluid transmission and control systems, fluid measurement and control systems, process equipment/process equipment, process control and automation, process industry auxiliary equipment, etc.


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