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  • Working Principle of WQ Series Sewage Pump


    The WQ series sewage pump is a common submersible sewage pump. Usually used to treat wastewater containing particles= Specially designed for the treatment of urban sewage, industrial wastewater, and construction site drainage. Such as domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, and rainwater. They are widely used in fields such as sewage treatment plants, urban drainage systems, industrial production processes, and construction sites. Usually has significant processing capacity and corrosion resistance. And it adopts the working principle of centrifugation. Read More
  • What Is The Difference between A Sewage Pump And A Pumping Pump?


    Sewage pumps and water pumps are common equipment in engineering. There are sometimes differences between the two. So what is the difference between sewage pumps and water pumps? Both sewage pumps and submersible pumps need to be submerged in water to operate. To a certain extent, sewage pumps are a type of submersible pumps, but there are still certain differences between the two. Read More
  • Daily Maintenance Methods for Stainless Steel Cam Rotor Pumps


    Stainless steel rotor pump is a common industrial pump commonly used for conveying various liquids, such as water, chemicals, petroleum products, etc. Their rotors are usually made of stainless steel, which gives them good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, making them suitable for handling corrosive media or for use in harsh environments. This type of pump is commonly used in the chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical, and other industries. Read More
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