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Shanghai JUSH Company knows that good products can only be delivered to customers through pre-sales service, and good after-sales service is the key to cultivating customer trust in the products.
The sales department of Shanghai JUSH Company provides professional services such as business consultation, troubleshooting, handling complaints, and accepting suggestions to customers through various means such as phone calls, emails, and on-site negotiations with salespeople.
Our consultants will focus on listening, carefully experiencing, and providing services for every call you make.
We will carefully read and reply to every email you receive.
Our business personnel will provide professional answers to every question, suggestion, and requirement you have, and correctly adopt and accept your suggestions and requirements.
Perhaps it's your complaint or just a small request, but for us, it's a message of improving service quality and professional standards, and a motivation to improve our professional quality.

Pre Sale

Inquiry process: Buyer sends inquiry - Business receives inquiry - Clarify customer needs - Business quotation - Product details confirmation - Business confirmation order - Sign contract - Pay advance payment - Factory production - Send samples - Batch production - Product outbound quality inspection (supporting third-party quality inspection) - Pay final payment - Factory shipment - Receive goods - Order end - Subsequent after-sales service (establish long-term cooperative relationship).

On Sale

1. After receiving the product, the customer will conduct a follow-up within 24 hours. Arrange professional technical engineers to guide the installation online, explain the product usage process and maintenance, until the testing is successful and runs smoothly.
2. Conduct a second follow-up visit within 48 hours. Record problems encountered by customers and inform customers of our after-sales service policy.
3. Conduct the third response within a week to inquire about product usage.

After Sales

Since the establishment of Shanghai JUSH, we have been continuously improving our technical services and product parts supply facilities. Whether in the project planning stage or after equipment sales, we can also provide technical services and spare parts services for equipment.
1. Our after-sales service hotline and sales and technical service hotline are available for you 24 hours a day.
2. Shanghai JUSH Company provides a one-year product warranty, and we will respond to non human quality issues within 8 hours. We will provide you with the necessary product accessories for express delivery to solve the product problem. If the user is unable to solve the problem on their own, we will send professional maintenance personnel to provide online guidance for repair within 24 hours until the product problem is resolved.
3. Shanghai JUSH Company provides free remote diagnostic services for product after-sales every 6 months, lasting for a total of two times a year.
4. If the user needs it, Shanghai JUSH Company can send professional technical engineers to visit for debugging, training, and installation guidance.


JUSH is a modern pump and valve enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.




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