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9 Precautions for The Operation of Stainless Steel Magnetic Pumps

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Magnetic pump is a kind of pump equipment that uses the principle of magnetic transmission. It consists of a motor, a magnetic rotating part and a pump body. The magnetic pump does not have a mechanical seal. The seal between the rotor and the pump body is achieved by magnetic drive, thus avoiding the leakage problem in traditional pump equipment.


The magnetic pump has the following feature:

1. No leakage: Since there is no mechanical seal, it can effectively prevent the liquid pump body from leaking, overcoming the problems caused by poor sealing of ordinary pump equipment.

2. Corrosion resistance: Magnetic pumps are generally made of corrosion-resistant materials and can handle various corrosive media.

3. High safety: Because there is no leakage, the magnetic pump can avoid leakage of the medium inside the pump body and ensure the safety of operators.

4. Long service life: The magnetic pump does not contain a mechanical seal structure, which reduces maintenance costs and extends the service life of the equipment.

5. Smooth operation: The magnetic pump is driven by magnetic force and has no mechanical contact, which reduces friction and noise and operates smoothly.


Magnetic pumps are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, petroleum and other fields to transport process fluids of corrosive, harmful, flammable, explosive and other special media. Due to its special working principle and advantages, it plays an irreplaceable role in some special occasions.

Today, Shanghai JUSH Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will explain the precautions for the operation of magnetic pumps.

1. Be careful of magnetic field forces

Magnetic pumps use very strong magnets. Be especially careful about damage caused by magnetic attraction. When servicing the pump, follow the instructions for pump removal/installation.

2. Prohibit dry running of the pump

Do not run the pump dry (without fluid). If the pump is run dry, the heat generated by friction will damage the pump. When the pump is operated with the suction valve closed, it is also considered to be running dry.

3. Countermeasures against static electricity

Conveying liquids with low conductivity, such as ultrapure water and fluorine-containing inert liquids (eg: Fluorinert TM ), will generate static electricity in the pump, which can cause discharge and damage to the pump. Take countermeasures to prevent the generation of static electricity or to divert it away.

4. Lifting of the pump

When the pump is lifted, thread a chain or strap through the eyebolts and motor to keep the pump and motor level.

5. Qualified operators

The pump must be managed and operated by personnel with sufficient knowledge and operating experience.

6. Only applicable to specified applicable conditions

Use of the pump outside of the clearly specified operating conditions may result in pump failure and damage.

7. Ventilation location

When transporting liquids that easily evaporate toxic gases, safety measures must be taken, such as installing ventilation equipment, to prevent liquid leakage in the event of an accident.

8. Countermeasures against liquid leakage

Protective measures must be taken to prevent liquid outflow caused by damage to pumps or pipelines due to emergencies to prevent liquid from flowing directly into the ground.

9. Disposal of old pumps

Used or damaged pumps must be properly disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations and laws.

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