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American Biopharmaceutical Factory Purchases 3 Chemical Pumps

In 2015, the Australian branch of Amjin Pharmaceuticals encountered problems with the delivery of alkaline liquid during factory renovation and upgrade. A certain brand of chemical pumps currently used had problems such as leakage during the delivery process, which not only caused problems to production safety. It is a huge hidden danger and will also contaminate the original liquid medicine. The customer found our company through Google. Through the analysis of the customer's usage environment, it was found that the complex on-site environment, harsh usage conditions, unstable pipeline pressure and many other factors made ordinary magnetic chemical pumps unable to meet the customer's on-site usage needs. Our company has a magnetic pump independently developed by JMF. It was designed and developed for various pain points in the chemical industry. It took 2 years of quantitative mass production. This magnetic pump can perfectly solve the existing pain points of customers.


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