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Daily Maintenance Methods for Stainless Steel Cam Rotor Pumps

Views: 8900     Author: Marketing Department     Publish Time: 2024-04-19      Origin: Shanghai JUSH Pump


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          Stainless Steel Rotor Pump is a common industrial pump commonly used for conveying various liquids, such as water, chemicals, petroleum products, etc. Their rotors are usually made of stainless steel, which gives them good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, making them suitable for handling corrosive media or for use in harsh environments. This type of pump is commonly used in the chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical, and other industries.

Rotary Piston Rotor Pump

           Stainless Steel Rotor Pumps should be stored in a dry, clean, and free of corrosive substances environment when storing electric oil pumps in daily use. Save each part and replace it with the same one. When repairing a high viscosity rotor pump, each part should be well preserved. Pay attention to the explosion-proof surface of the explosion-proof parts, which should not be damaged, including the insulation gasket and sleeve. If there is damage, it is necessary to replace it with a new identical part. Alternative materials smaller than the characteristics of the raw materials or parts that do not match the original specifications should not be used. When installing, all parts should be installed in their original positions and cannot be omitted.

Stainless Steel Lobe Pump

Stainless steel high shear homogenization pumps often add grease, while electric oil drum pumps operate at high speeds, making it easy for the grease to evaporate. Therefore, it is important to keep the lubrication at the bearings clean and pay attention to replacement. High viscosity rotor pumps should be regularly inspected and maintained, while electric oil drum pumps should be regularly inspected and maintained. The power lines, including internal wires, plugs, and switches, should be checked for good insulation resistance, loose brush tail seats, good contact between the commutator and the brush, moderate short circuits in the stator winding of the armature winding, and damage to bearings and rotating parts. Pay attention to the insulation resistance of high viscosity rotor pumps. For electric liquid pumps that are commonly used in idle or humid environments for a long time, a 500 meter must be used to measure the insulation resistance of the winding. If the insulation resistance between the winding and the motor casing is lower than 7, it is necessary to carry out a dry and dry solution on the winding.


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