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How Does A Slurry Pump Work

Views: 3580     Author: JUSH Pump     Publish Time: 2024-03-25      Origin: 上海玖石泵业


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Slurry pump(Mud Pump) is a special pump used to transport high concentration and high viscosity liquids (such as mud, sewage, etc.). It is widely used in various industries, including petroleum, mining, construction, environmental protection, etc., and is used to treat high concentration and high viscosity liquids such as mud, sewage, and slurry. It has the characteristics of wide application range, sturdy and durable structure, high efficiency and energy saving, and easy maintenance. Different models can be selected according to different scenarios and requirements. Its working principle is mainly based on the effects of centrifugal force and positive pressure.

slurry pump working principle

The following is the working principle of a slurry pump:

Import section: The inlet of the Slurry Pump(mud pump) is designed with an impeller or blade to receive mud fluid from pipelines or containers.

Centrifugal force: When the pump starts, the impeller or blades start to rotate, and the mud is sucked into the pump body and enters between the radiation blades of the impeller or blades. The rotation of the impeller or blades generates centrifugal force, which rapidly pushes the mud towards the outlet of the pump body.

Export section: The outlet of the pump body is usually connected to an export pipeline or other equipment, which is used to transport mud to the required places, such as storage tanks, processing equipment, etc.

Sealing and anti blocking design: As Slurry Pump(mud pumps) are usually used to transport liquids containing particles, their sealing and anti blocking design are very important. The sealing part of the pump body usually adopts a special design, which can effectively prevent particles from entering the pump interior and damaging the impeller or blades.

Drive device: Slurry Pumps(Mud Pump) are usually driven by an electric motor or other drive devices, which rotate the impeller or blades to achieve the suction and discharge of mud.

In general, the working principle of a Slurry Pump is based on the action of centrifugal force and positive pressure. The mud is sucked in from the inlet through the rotation of the impeller or blades, and discharged through the outlet of the pump body to achieve mud transportation.


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