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How Marine Fuel Pump Works

Views: 2800     Author: JUSH Pump     Publish Time: 2024-02-22      Origin: 上海玖石泵业


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Marine fuel pump is a key equipment used on ships to transport fuel to engines or other combustion equipment. Its working principle is usually based on pressure transfer and fluid mechanics principles. The following is a general description of the working principle of marine fuel pumps:

Marine fuel pump

Inhalation stage:

At the beginning of the work cycle, the fuel pump creates a low-pressure area through a mechanism such as a plunger or screw. This low-pressure area attracts fuel from the ship's fuel tank or storage container to the suction port of the pump.

Compression stage:

Once the fuel is sucked into the pump, the subsequent stage is the compression stage. At this stage, the plunger or screw of the pump is activated to compress the sucked fuel through mechanical motion.

Discharge stage:

After compression is completed, the pressure inside the pump increases, causing fuel to be discharged through the output pipeline. In this way, the fuel is transported to the engine or other equipment that needs to burn the fuel.

Control phase:

Marine fuel pumps are usually equipped with control mechanisms to adjust the pump's operating speed and pressure. These control mechanisms can be mechanical (such as regulating valves) or electronic (such as electronic control units) to ensure the correct timing and rate of fuel delivery to the engine.

In general, marine fuel pumps extract fuel from storage containers and transport it to the engine for combustion through the suction, compression, and discharge stages. Its working principle relies on the movement of mechanical components inside the pump and the principles of fluid dynamics to ensure a stable and efficient supply of fuel.


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