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How To Use And Maintain Slurry Pump Correctly To Extend Their Service Life

Views: 859     Author: JUSH Pump     Publish Time: 2024-03-28      Origin: 上海玖石泵业


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The slurry pump is mainly used to transport solid particles with corrosiveness or high hardness for many industries. The performance of the sludge pump has reached world-class level. It can maintain a flow rate of 15000 cubic meters. The shaft seal adopts packing seal or auxiliary impeller seal. Heavy duty slurry pumps are widely used in industries such as mining, electricity, metallurgy, coal, and environmental protection.

Submersible slurry pump

1. Choose a suitable slurry pump model: First, based on the specific situation of the workplace, such as the viscosity and pressure requirements of the mud, choose a suitable slurry pump model. If not selected properly, it may lead to poor performance and even damage to the equipment.

2. Ensure correct installation: When installing the slurry pump, carefully read the user manual and install it correctly according to the requirements. If installed improperly, it may affect the normal operation of the equipment.

3. Regular inspection and maintenance: In order to ensure the normal operation of the slurry pump and extend its service life, the equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly. Including cleaning filters, replacing lubricating oil, and other operations.

4. Pay attention to the usage environment: During use, pay attention to factors such as ambient temperature and humidity. Avoid using equipment in extreme environments to avoid affecting its performance.

5. Reasonable operation: During operation, follow the correct steps and pay attention to controlling the inlet and outlet pressure. If operated improperly, it may lead to equipment damage or low work efficiency.

6. Timely replacement of vulnerable parts: such as bearings, seals, and other vulnerable parts should be replaced in a timely manner after use for a period of time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

7. Pay attention to safety: When using and maintaining slurry pump, pay attention to safety protection measures to avoid accidents.

We can understand the important role, classification, and characteristics of slurry pumps in industrial production. Choosing a suitable mud pump model for the working environment is a key factor in ensuring production efficiency and quality, and proper use and maintenance of mud pumps can also extend their service life.


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