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How many types of marine pumps are there

Views: 2580     Author: JUSH Pump     Publish Time: 2024-02-22      Origin: 上海玖石泵业


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There are many types and models of marine pumps, and the choice depends on the type, size, use and specific functions required of the vessel. The following are some common types and models of marine pumps:

Marine Water Pumps

Centrifugal pumps: including centrifugal pumps of various models and specifications, used for various purposes such as water supply, cooling, drainage, etc.

Piston pump: used to transport high-pressure liquid, often used in ship lubrication systems, ballast systems, etc.

Screw pump: suitable for transporting high-viscosity liquids, such as fuel, lubricating oil, etc.

Gear pump: often used to transport lubricating oil, fuel, etc.

Turbine pump: suitable for transporting clean water, sea water, etc.

Twin-screw pump: used to transport high-viscosity liquids, such as fuel, heavy oil, etc.

Hatch cover pump: used to drain water under hatch covers to ensure the safety of cargo and equipment.

Self-priming pump: suitable for occasions requiring higher suction lift, such as drainage, water supply, etc.

Fire pump: specially used in fire protection systems to provide high-pressure water source.

Cabin pump: used to drain water in the cabin and maintain the stability of the ship.

Desalination water pump: used to desalinate seawater into drinkable fresh water.

Ballast pump: used to maintain a certain ballast water level in cargo tanks or oil tanks.

Immersion pump: used to deal with water immersion inside the ship.

Oil transfer pump: used to transport oil, such as fuel oil, lubricating oil, etc.

Supply pump: used to supply seawater or fresh water to the ship's living facilities, such as kitchens, toilets, etc.

These are just some of the common types and models of marine pumps. There are actually many other types and brands of marine pumps, each with its own specific uses and applications. Choosing a suitable marine pump requires consideration of many factors, including the ship's needs, performance parameters, environmental conditions, etc.

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