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Should Viscosity Be Considered When Selecting A Magnetic Pump?

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The viscosity should be considered when selecting a magnetic pump! During the selection process, the magnetic pump should be selected based on the nature of the company's production equipment, its own conditions and permitted conditions. It is mainly considered from the aspects of medium transportation volume, device lift, medium properties, pipeline layout and operating conditions.

Stainless steel chemical pump

1. Select according to the physical and chemical properties of the delivery medium

The physical and chemical properties of the conveyed medium directly affect the performance, material and structure of the pump and are one of the important factors to be considered when selecting the pump.

The physical and chemical properties of the medium include: medium name, medium characteristics (such as corrosiveness, abrasiveness, toxicity, etc.), solid particle content and particle size, density, viscosity, vaporization pressure, etc. If necessary, the gas content in the medium should also be listed, indicating whether the medium is easy to crystallize, etc.

2. Select according to process parameters

Process parameters are an important basis for magnetic pump cleaning and should be determined based on the process flow and operating change range values. For example, flow rate and head are one of the important process parameters for pump selection, which are directly related to the production capacity and transportation capacity of the entire device.

(1) Quantity Q

Flow refers to the amount of medium required to be transported by the pump during the production of process equipment.

Pump data sheets often only give normal flow and rated flow. When selecting a magnetic pump, the rated flow rate is required to be 1.1 to 1.15 times the normal flow rate.

(2) Lift H

The value of the lift required by the process device is also called the calculated lift. Generally, the rated lift of the pump is required to be 1.05~1.1 times the required lift of the device.

(3) Inlet pressure and outlet pressure

The inlet and outlet pressures refer to the pressure at the pump inlet and outlet flanges. The magnitude of the inlet and outlet pressures affects the pressure resistance requirements of the shell and shaft seal (isolation sleeve).


Refers to the inlet medium temperature of the pump

(5) Device cavitation allowance NPSHa

Also called effective NPSH

(6)Operating status

The operating status is divided into two types: continuous operation and intermittent operation.

stainless steel pumps for chemicals

3. Select the magnetic pump according to the site conditions.

Magnetic pump site conditions include:

(1) Installation location (indoor, outdoor, plateau, seaside);

(2) Ambient temperature:

(3) Relative humidity:

(4) Atmospheric pressure:

(5) Atmospheric corrosion conditions:

(6) Classification of hazardous areas

4. Select according to the pipeline layout conditions of the system

The pipeline layout conditions of the system refer to some data such as the height, distance and direction of the transported liquid, as well as pipeline specifications and their length, materials, pipe fitting specifications, quantity, etc., in order to calculate the system lift and check the steam margin.

5. Select according to operating conditions

There are many contents of operating conditions, such as gun and steam pressure, suction side pressure, discharge side container pressure, altitude, ambient temperature, whether the operation is intermittent or continuous, and whether the position is fixed or adjustable in the operation of the medium (liquid). Mobile etc.


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