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Stainless Steel Jet Pump

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Jet pump is a fluid power pump with the main advantages of high efficiency, simple structure, low operating cost, almost no noise, and compact structure, easy maintenance. In general, jet pumps can be used to extract gas from water, air, or other gases. Jet pumps can operate at low pressure, but cavitation may occur at low pressure, so it is recommended to use high-efficiency jet pumps. To improve efficiency and reduce the volume and weight of the vacuum system, centrifugal pumps can be combined with other mechanical devices. In addition, jet pumps can be used to recover or separate chemical components from gases, wastewater, and waste liquids, as well as impurities from recovered gases and liquids.

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Jet Pump Structural Features:

Jet pump combines the principle of airflow pressure difference with jet flow technology and fluidization technology, fully absorbing the theory of modern pneumatic conveying of two-phase flow. After years of operation and practice, it has finally formed a specialized equipment specifically developed for the characteristics of continuous conveying of a large number of close range particles in powder pneumatic conveying technology. Compared with other pneumatic conveying equipment (such as silo pumps) used in industries such as ash removal systems in thermal power plants, cement, metallurgy, and chemical systems, its main features include the following:

1. Has a simple and stable structure

The jet pump consists of two parts, one is the feed port, and the other is the feed port. The feeding device adopts a specially designed nozzle to fully mix the raw materials with the transmission gas, and feed the raw materials into the transmission pipe. Through the pressure difference, the raw materials are sent to the receiving point through the pipeline.

2. Stable transmission

Continuous pumping of powder can achieve uniform and stable conveying; This feature is particularly suitable for processes that require precise and uniform material delivery, such as blast furnace coal injection in metallurgical systems, rotary kiln coal injection in cement industries, and some processes in the chemical industry.

3. Easy to operate

Because the operating part of this device only has a conveying adjustment device, while the supporting part only has an inlet valve, the main control only needs to start and stop, just like a fool's device, which does not require human supervision, only requires inspection. If considering the interlocking control of other processes in the system, two operation modes can be set, namely program automatic and manual. The specific operating mode can be determined according to specific operating characteristics and requirements to meet the actual needs of the project.

4. Easy to operate and flexible

The jet pump can be configured in the form of single pump, single pipe, multi pump co pipe, and multi pump co gas according to the specific conditions of the system. The pipeline can be arranged horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to meet the layout requirements of engineering changes.

5. Completely sealed and transported, meeting the quality requirements of one's own environment and engineering transportation materials

The transportation method is low positive pressure, fully enclosed, and there will be no foreign substances entering the pipeline, which will not cause any impact on the required materials.

6. There are not high requirements for the quality of gas sources

Due to the use of continuous transportation and the use of Roots fans as the means of conveying power gas, power gas usually does not require a purification device, only a certain gas capacity and pressure. Therefore, a separate gas source can be used, or a compressed air station (central gas source) that is often used in engineering can be used.

7. Has high system reliability

The low-pressure continuous gas conveying system composed of jet pumps is more reliable than other gas conveying equipment.

8. With high costs

The low-pressure continuous pneumatic conveying system composed of jet pumps has the advantages of low cost and excellent operating indicators, as it possesses the above characteristics.

Jet pump Application scope:

Jet pumps are suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure, and high vacuum fields, such as vacuum evaporation, vacuum drying, vacuum refrigeration, vacuum distillation, and can also lift liquids, alkalis, or suspensions containing abrasives. They are also suitable for special environments with strong radiation.



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