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The principle and characteristics of gear reduction rotor pump

Views: 5000     Author: JUSH Pump     Publish Time: 2024-04-11      Origin: 上海玖石泵业


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Gear Reduction Rotor Pump is a common industrial pump, usually used to transport liquids or viscous substances. Its working principle is to use gear transmission and the rotational motion of the rotor to achieve the suction and discharge of liquid. This type of pump usually consists of one or more gears and rotors, whose movement creates a vacuum and draws liquid in from the inlet and then discharges the liquid through the discharge port.

Rotary Gear Lobe Pump

Gear Reduction Rotor Pump are often used in applications requiring high pressure and high flow, such as the delivery of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, fuel, etc. Due to its simple structure, reliable operation and high efficiency, it is widely used in industrial fields.

1. Working principle of gear reduction rotor pump

  • The working principle of gear reducer, including different types such as spur gear, helical gear and bevel gear.

  • The working principle of the rotor pump, including the characteristics of the positive displacement pump and the structure of the rotor pump.

2. Characteristics of gear reduction rotor pump

  • High efficiency: The gear reduction rotor pump adopts advanced design and manufacturing technology and has high transmission efficiency.

  • Strong reliability: The gear reduction rotor pump adopts wear-resistant materials, has long service life and low maintenance cost.

  • Adjustable flow rate: By adjusting the speed of the gear and rotor, the flow rate of the transmitted liquid can be adjusted.

  • Easy to install: The gear reduction rotor pump has a compact structure, takes up little space, and is easy to install.

  • Wide range of use: Gear reduction rotor pumps are suitable for various industrial fields, such as chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food, etc.

3. Application of gear reduction rotor pump

  • Chemical industry: used to transport corrosive liquids, high-viscosity liquids, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical field: used to transport medicinal liquids, biological products, etc.

  • Food field: used to transport beverages, dairy products, jam, etc.

  • Other fields: Gear reduction rotor pumps are also widely used in other fields, such as petroleum, water treatment, etc.

4. Maintenance and maintenance of gear reduction rotor pump

  • Regular inspection: Regularly inspect key parts such as the lubrication system and seals of the gear reduction rotor pump.

  • Replace wearing parts: Replace easily worn parts in time, such as bearings, seals, etc.

  • Correct use: Correctly operate the gear reduction rotor pump according to the instruction manual to avoid overloading or no-load operation.

  • Maintenance and repair: Carry out regular maintenance and repair to ensure the normal operation and service life of the gear reduction rotor pump.

Conclusion: Summarize the advantages and application prospects of gear reduction rotor pumps, emphasize their important position in the industrial field, and call for strengthened research and application of them.


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