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Vietnam Daily Chemical Company Purchases 6 Rotary Pumps

In 2016, a new factory under the Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation needed to build two crude oil refining lines. Because the viscosity of crude oil is greater than the temperature, the existing stainless steel chemical pumps can no longer meet the needs of such scenarios. The existing pumps are impeller-type. Mainly, but the impeller pump cannot meet the transportation problem of high viscosity media. For scenarios such as high viscosity and heat preservation scenarios, the T-series stainless steel rotor pump developed by our company can meet most transportation scenarios in the oil refining process.

T series rotor pumps generally use stainless steel to make the pump head, which can meet the problem of high temperature (heat preservation) and large viscosity transportation. Our company's unique rotor gear design ensures that it can always maintain efficient operation during the transportation process. For special media, we can provide titanium alloy, Hastelloy and other pump heads.


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