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What is a rotary pump? The structure and application range of rotary pumps

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# Rotary Rotor Pump# is a common volumetric pump used to transport liquids or compressed gases. It has a unique structure and working principle, and is widely used in industrial fields and daily life.

Rotary Gear Lobe Pump

Structural Feature Of Rotary Rotor Pumps

The rotary rotor pump mainly consists of a pump body, rotor, bearings, and sealing devices.

Pump body: usually made of cast iron, stainless steel, or copper, with good corrosion resistance and durability. The design shape inside the pump body can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the liquid or gas to improve the efficiency of the pump.

Rotor: The rotor is the core component of a rotary pump, usually made of metal materials. The rotor is composed of multiple blades and can be driven by an electric motor or other power source to rotate, allowing liquid or gas to be sucked in and discharged.

Bearings: The bearings of rotor pumps are usually made of high wear-resistant materials, which can support and maintain the stable operation of the rotor.

Sealing device: There are various types of sealing devices for rotor pumps, and the sealing device can effectively prevent leakage and ensure the normal operation of the pump.

Working principle of Rotary Rotor Pump

The working principle of a rotary pump is based on centrifugal force and volume effect.

Inhalation process: When the rotor rotates, the blades of the rotor generate centrifugal force through rotation, causing liquid or gas to be sucked in from the feed inlet. The volume inside the rotor gradually increases, forming a negative pressure area that sucks liquid or gas into the pump body.

Discharge process: As the rotor continues to rotate, the volume gradually decreases, forming a positive pressure area that pushes the liquid or gas out through the discharge port.

The main functions of the Rotary Rotor Pump are:

  • Liquid or gas transportation: rotor pumps are widely used to transport various liquids or gases, including water, oil, lotion, solvents, corrosive media, etc. Has high conveying capacity and pressure.

  • Provide stable flow: The rotor pump provides stable flow through rotational motion and can be adjusted as needed. This is crucial for processes that require precise flow control.

  • Low noise and vibration: The structure and working principle of the rotor pump give it the characteristics of low noise and vibration, which can reduce interference with the environment and equipment.

  • Energy saving and efficiency: Some advanced rotor pumps adopt energy-saving design and optimized fluid dynamics structure, which can improve pump efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Application fields and scope of Rotary Rotor Pumps:

  • Industrial field: Rotary pumps are widely used in industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food processing, liquor making, and papermaking, to transport various liquids or gases, such as acid-base solutions, oil products, raw material liquids, beverages, and pulp.

  • Agricultural field: Rotary pumps are commonly used in agricultural engineering such as irrigation systems, farmland drainage, and pesticide spraying to provide water sources, boost pressure, and transport liquid products.

  • In the construction industry, rotary pumps are commonly used in applications such as water supply systems, heating systems, pressure increase, and water circulation to provide stable water supply and hydraulic support for buildings.

  • In the field of daily life, the application of rotary pumps in residential life cannot be ignored, such as household hot water circulation, heating systems, pond drainage, and garage sewage.

As an important conveying device, the structure and working principle of the rotary pump play an important role in the transportation of liquids and gases. It has advantages such as stable flow rate, low noise, and energy efficiency, and has a wide range of applications in industry and daily life.


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