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ZA, ZAK, ZAG Petrochemical Chemical Process Pump

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ZA,ZAK,ZAG High-temperature and High-pressure Petrochemical Chemical Process Pumps are horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, cantilever-type chemical centrifugal pumps. They are corrosion-resistant, leak-free, high-temperature and high-pressure resistant. They are specially used in the petrochemical industry. The products comply with DIN24256, ISO2858, GB5662-85 standard. The closed and semi-open impellers of this series of pumps use balance and wear-resistant rings to balance the axial force, and the open impeller uses back blades to balance the axial force. Pumps with outlet diameters above 80mm are designed with double volutes to balance radial force, thereby ensuring the service life of the bearings and the interference at the shaft seal. The bearings are paired with cylindrical rollers and tapered roller bearings according to different working conditions, which greatly improves the service life of the bearings.

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Flow Range


Head Range






MaterialStainless Steel

ZA,ZAK,ZAG High-temperature and High-pressure Petrochemical Chemical Process Pumps are mainly used in refineries, petrochemicals, cryogenic engineering, coal mining, chemical and general industrial processes, powerplants, large and medium-sized heating and air conditioning devices, environmental protection devices, offshore industry and Desalination plant.

ZA Petrochemical Chemical Process Pumps are suitable for transporting clean or solid particles, low or high temperature, neutral or corrosive liquids, especially for transporting liquid petrochemical products at various temperatures, acids, alkali, salt solutions and various temperatures and concentrations. Other corrosive liquids. This type of corrosion-resistant petrochemical process pump is suitable for petroleum refining, petrochemical product refining, chemical industry engineering, electric power engineering, environmental protection engineering, offshore engineering, oil transportation engineering, water supply and heating engineering, paper making, sugar making, pharmaceutical and other departments.

Product Structure&Feature

ZA type Petrochemical Pump: adopts foot support, closed impeller, design pressure is 2.5Pa, suitable for general industrial processes.

ZAK Slurry Type Petrochemical Pump: ZAK adopts foot support, closed or semi-open impeller, and the design pressure is 2.5Pa. It is used to transport various slurries and media containing particles.

ZAG Type High Temperature and High Pressure Petrochemical Process Pump: ZAG adopts central support, closed impeller, design point pressure is 5.0Pa, and is suitable for important industrial processes such as high temperature and high pressure.

The hydraulic power of this series of Petrochemical Chemical Process Pumps, the connection method between the pump body and the bearing frame, the mechanical seal components, the cooling method and the auxiliary pipelines have been carefully considered to solve the problems of process pumps and oil pumps designed according to API610 seventh edition. and installation defects.

The hydraulic power of this series of Petrochemical Chemical Process Pump is selected and improved from excellent hydraulic models at home and abroad. The inlet diameter of the pump body impeller is increased, making the inlet flow rate of the pump lower, increasing the anti-corrosion margin of the pump, and increasing the pump's efficiency. life span.

The wear parts of Petrochemical Centrifugal Pumps are small parts such as mouth rings, shaft sleeves, and mechanical seals. Therefore, after replacing the wear parts, the main parts such as the pump body and shaft can still be used, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the pump.

High-temperature and High-pressure Petrochemical Chemical Process Pump can be equipped with different mechanical seal forms according to specific processing conditions. The bearing frame is designed with two structures: air-cooling fins and water-cooling, which can be applied to different temperature conditions. Therefore, the applicable range of this series of pumps is relatively wide.



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